What would you like to learn?

When we were dreaming up Eche Verde, we both wanted it to be a community space. We have a bazillion ideas for what to do in our space, but we were most excited to hear what people walking by were interested in learning how to do.

So we asked.

Eche Verde Storefront Lower East Side arts and craft store

I’m a post-its girl. I use them daily to keep myself sane and I love using them as a tool to help others brainstorm ideas. I’ve used them in various projects in the past and thought why not try it on our window.

We asked ‘What would you like to learn’ and got 72 answers, ranging from ‘how to make knock-off acne studios jeans’ to ‘how find a healthy outlet to stress? NOT RAGE TWEETING!’.

Below are scanned-in images of your post-it notes. We were giddy every time someone walked by to add to the project, and thrilled when some of you came back to show your friends and family what you had written.Eche Verde Post-it Window May 2018Eche Verde Post-it Window May 2018-2Eche Verde Post-it Window May 2018-3Eche Verde Post-it Window May 2018-4Eche Verde Post-it Window May 2018-5Eche Verde Post-it Window May 2018-6Eche Verde Post-it Window May 2018-7Eche Verde Post-it Window May 2018-8

We’re thinking up what new question to ask, so be sure to come back to the store soon! And we’ll be adding workshops and events related to what you would like to learn, so check our website often to see what we’ve added to the calendar.

Eche Verde Store in LES

And if you are interested in teaching a workshop or hosting an event in our space, just email me at stephanie(at)echeverde.com.


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